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Understanding the Differences: Gel Memory Foam vs Memory Foam for Pillows

Are you looking for a perfect pillow that gives you comfort while resting your head on it? Then check out this informative blog where you will come to know about some important points that clearly depict the difference between memory foam pillows and gel memory foam pillows. Considering all these points will help you make the right selection.

Memory foam pillows 

Memory foam was invented by NASA in the year 1960 and is renowned for providing comfort to the head and neck. These pillows are made from memory foam that responds to body heat and provides a soft touch. The advantages of memory foam pillows include – 

  • Contour support 

Memory foam helps in molding the unique contour of your head and neck, offering spinal alignment and reducing the pressure points. This alleviates both neck and back pain, making it an ideal choice for curbing discomfort. 

  • Durability 

Basically, high-quality memory foam pillows are long-lasting and keep their shape for a prolonged time, offering consistent support. 

Now let’s talk about gel memory foam pillows 

Gel memory foam pillows 

Gel memory foam has been invented to address the issue of heat retention. These types of pillows include gel particles or layers within the foam to make it a breathable fabric while offering a cool sleeping experience. The benefits of gel memory foam include – 

  • Improve comfort

Gel memory foam-based pillows also offer contouring benefits just like traditional memory foam with a cooling effect that helps in improving overall comfort. 

  • Regulate temperature 

The infusion of gel particles creates a comfortable cooler sleeping surface. This feature is truly beneficial for the ones living in warmer climates.  From the above-mentioned points, hope you come to know about the basic difference between the two. Selecting between gel memory foam and traditional memory foam pillows depends hugely on personal preference and sleeping needs. Memory foam-based pillows are ideal for the one seeking head and neck support along with durability. On the other hand, gel memory foam-based pillows are best suited for those who look for a cooling effect while sleeping. At Modern Home Furnishing, you will get both memory foam pillows and gel memory foam-based pillows. You can choose the one that aligns perfectly with your comfort preference and sleeping habits. 

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