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What firmness of mattress do most hotels use?

If you’ve ever wondered about the firmness of hotel beds during your trips, you’re not alone. In this complete guide, we’ll start with a quick overview: hotel mattresses can range from plush and soft to extra firm, depending on the hotel’s star rating and budget.

We’ll discuss the various mattress firmness tiers found in various hotel types. You’ll also know what factors affect the firmness of hotel beds. By the end, you’ll understand the firmness spectrum of hotel mattresses so you can better choose your accommodations.

What Makes Hotel Mattresses So Great?

Hotels are keen and picky about mattresses—and for a fair reason. They want you to deliver the best rest of your life so you’ll come back (or at the smallest charge the mini-bar). Here’s the low-down on what they glance for:

  • Flip-Friendly: Unlike the one-sided mattresses at most stores, many hotels go for double-sided ones. Why? Scanning and turning the mattress retains it regarding fresh extended.
  • Not Too Dull, Not Too Tough: Most hotels opt for medium-firm mattresses. They’re the Goldilocks of beds—not too soft or hard, just good for most individuals.
  • Strong Advantages: Ever sit on the border of a bed and nearly tumble off? Hotels hate that. They usually pick beds with reinforced edges for durability and edge-to-edge convenience.
  • Tough Rings: These mattresses are created to the previous, often featuring heat-tempered steel rings. They can withstand continuous nights of jumping…or resting.

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