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How to care for linen upholstery (Sofa)- Follow simple steps to keep it clean!

People adore linen upholsteries. Linen upholstery creates a sophisticated look to the entire space. The linen upholsteries give a super stylish texture. The linen upholstery Sofa gives an elegant look to the living area. The much-adored and sophisticated material created a classy look to the sofa. In modern time, linen upholstery sofa has become the ultimate style quotient of urban life. However, it is very important to do regular cleaning and maintenance of the linen fabric sofa so that the classy look can be maintained and the furniture last for a long.

One should follow the simple procedure for cleaning the linen upholstery (Sofa)-

Keep the sofa clean and vacuum regularly- Keep practicing regularly vacuuming your linen upholstery. Clean thoroughly so dust and dirt could not ensemble within the weaving of the linen fabric. Uplift the cushions and clean them along the seam, as this will give a smart and classy look to the furniture.

Don’t spill or stain over it- If anything spills or there is a stain on your upholstered sofa then just clean it with a soft cloth and leave it for a while to soak the dirt. Do not rub along the linen as this will it harder for you to remove the stains and the stains become stubborn to remove. Clean the stain very carefully.

For Cleaning use soft mild soap- For cleaning slightly stubborn stains use gentle mild soap. Do not rub or scrub just uplift the dirt. Use a flannel or soft sponge and it should be light-colored.  In addition, soda bicarbonate can also be sued to remove hard stains. Sprinkle it over the stained surface and vacuum it and then use a damp cloth to gently wipe the stain.

Keep the linen upholstered sofa away from direct sunlight- keep the linen upholstered sofa from direct sunlight for a long as direct sunlight can cause serious damage to the fabric. If you are planning to place your sofa beside a window area or direct exposure then make sure to use a curtain or blinds to prevent the direct sunlight to penetrate directly through the window.

Go for machine-washing of the linen fabric- You need to ensure that the sofa covers to clean with professional help. The linen that can be removed directly can be washed in machines, but ensure to remove the linen quickly from the machine after the wash. Get the covers to be hung for drying over a cloth horse.

Stain guard your sofa- The stain guard could be the finest option to safeguard your sofa from future stains, or spills, or stubborn stains. It is easier to remove stains from the sofa if your sofa remains covered with a stain guard. Just follow these simple methods to get your linen upholstery (Sofa) cleaned.

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